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Welcome to the Asian American Chicago Network! The first thing you will notice different about AACN is that we are an active and fun group. We pride ourselves on the ability to create meaningful community, professional and strategic networking, and life-long friendships.


We were founded in the summer of 2011 and average more than 2 events per week. Our membership growth rate within the past 7 years has been exponential. We have over 6,000 members and growing.


Chicago is, hands down, a top-notch, world class city, but it is easy to get lost in the busyness of our jobs, post work activities, same old friends, and the frigid winters. We eventually keep to our own routines of life and never break out of our own comfort zone. We don't venture out to meet new people or realize the hidden communities that Chicago and its resources have to offer us.


Starting with just a handful of members, the organization quickly grew and expanded to over 3,000 in just under 4 years. Today, AACN is one of the largest networking associations for Asian Americans professionals in the United States. It provides Chicago natives as well as newcomers a chance to connect with others through various opportunities - both social and professional. AACN aims to ensure its members take an active role in leading, creating, and facilitating events that cater to their needs and the community. This unique leadership opportunity is what separates this organization apart from others.  


Welcome to AACN!

Jonathan & Shenny

"Friendly, open and adaptable."-- July 2014. 

The members within the group have exceeded my expectations. This group rocks." -- October 2011.

"Awesome group and terrific organizers."-- July 2013.

"I enjoyed the company of everyone in the group. The organizers are welcoming and friendly."-- August 2011.

Wonderful! Everyone was very friendly and inclusive!"-- June 2013.

"Awesome group! Very friendly and engaging! Perfect for making new friends or just having fun together!"-- July 2015.


"Great group with lots of friendly faces and regular events! Also dim sum. Just dim sum."-- December 2014.

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