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About Our Organization 


The first thing you will notice different about AACN is that we are a relatively new, fun, and active group.  We were founded in the summer of 2011 and average more than 2 events per week. Are you new to Chicago? Have you lived here your entire life? Do you want to meet others in a fun environment? Do you want to network? We have activities that range from outdoor/sports, picnics, career fairs, potlucks, brunch clubs, dinners, socials, and nightlife to just name a few! Organizers will always help facilitate fun networking and mingling. 

- Approximately 2 events per week, over 800 events the past 7 yrs. 

- Approximately 6500 members 

Impressive Active Membership (i.e. many members attending 20 or more events)

- 45% Females, 55% Male 

- 30% between 21 - 24 y/o, 60% between 25 and 37 y/o, 10% above 38 y/o

- 80% of members reside in city limits, 20% in suburbs

- Majority Professions: Doctors, Lawyers, Business / Finance / Accounting, Engineers, Real Estate, IT Consultants, Healthcare (Pharmacy/Nursing), Marketing / Advertising, and grad students (MBA, Law, and Med School students)

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