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1) How are we organized?

AACN aims to engage its members in a variety of events, many which are member suggested and led. We use a variety of means to publicize our network including social websites such as, this website, and


2) What's the catch? An organization with no sign-up fee?

There is no catch at all. It's free. It should be known that we are all working professionals with no underlying intentions. We want to provide Asian Americans in Chicago a place to network with others. It's quite easy to feel lost in such a big city if you've just arrived or even if you've been here for many years.  


3) Are all events free? How often? What type?

At times, there will probably be a fee to cover the costs of any spaces, utilities, or rental permits if we do larger events in parks or utilize tents. All fees will be disclosed at the time of any event being advertised. Our goal is to have events at least twice a month (some large scale, while some others smaller scales and possibly in specific areas - e.g.) specific suburbs, specific city neighborhoods, etc).


4) How does the group board operate?

It's simple... there's only a few of us devoting our time with month to month events / planning, but a few can make a humongous difference in this world. That's why we need your help! If you've been to a few events, please consider helping and donating your time and resource to the website / group / events / mailing lists, etc. Contact us if you are interested 


5) Can I suggest an event?

SURE! If you suggest an event and we believe it fits our group's overall mission and vision, then we will suggest you help plan / lead the event and we could help you out also in areas of advertising, emails, etc! We invite you to sign up for our Meetup or Facebook page and post an event there.  Meetup is a relatively powerful and simple tool. 

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