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Past events this year have included Marathons, 5Ks, Professional Job Career Fairs / Networking, Local Chicago Bands, Concerts, Adler Planetarium after Dark, Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Institute, Lounges, Outdoor events such as Beach days, Volleyball, Basketball, Yoga at the Park, and countless dining outings at great restaurants with great conversations!  Our anniversary celebrations are our largest events which have been at Joy District, Parliament, Anthem, Kerrymans to name a few. 

Dining & Food

Are you one of Chicago's food connoisseurs or just like to eat? We try to explore the newest restaurants and highly rated yelp places. Chicago is a food capital of othe world! With AACN's food events, expect to join foodie small groups of 10 to 15 to explore Chicago's restaurants to discuss food, life, and just about anything!


Social Network
Professional Network  

We partner with professional corporations, community organizations, and companies to ensure our members have optimized the best available community resources, trainings, and events to stay connected. 




"This is the best group out there. The organizers are welcoming; and the members are just as friendly. If you're new to town or looking for new friends, I encourage you to come out to their events.”


Van (Member)

Sign up for our Meetup Page for all of our current events! 

- Museum of Contemporary Art
- Art Institute Thursday Free Nights 
- Sports Leagues / Beach Outings / Volleyball 
- Networking Events 

- Nightlife

The aim of these events is to SOCIALIZE AND NETWORK WITH OTHERS! 


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