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  "Awesome. Met friends that became family"

- Edwin (Member)  

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The Asian American Chicago Network (AACN) was founded in the summer of 2011. We exist for two reasons:

1) Connecting you to NEW friends & networks AND
2) Connecting you to the city of Chicago and its resources


AACN's vision is to be a vehicle for you to meet others, learn about Chicago resources, and ultimately have the best networking experience. We are one of the largest Asian American networking communities in the country.

Who We Are

The Asian American Chicago Network is focused on connecting people in the city of Chicago to a new & fun community, the great city of Chicago, and its resources!  


Quick Facts

- Approximately 2 events per week, over 800 events the past 7 yrs. 

- Approximately 6,500 members 

- Impressive Active Membership (i.e. many members attending 20 or more events)

- 45% Females, 55% Male 

- 30% between 21 - 24 y/o, 60% between 25 and 39 y/o, 10% above 40 y/o

- 80% of members reside in city limits, 20% in suburbs

- Majority Professions: Doctors, Laywers, Business / Finance / Accounting, Engineers, Real Estate, IT Consultants, Healthcare (Pharmacy/Nursing), Marketing / Advertising, and grad students (majority MBA, Law, and Med School students)

Check out our Meetup page for the most-updated list of events! 


To learn more about the rest of our events or how to find more information out, please join our Meetup or Facebook group (Links above). Feel free to email with any questions


NOTE: Website under construction. New 2020 - 2021 page coming soon!

Please see our Facebook or Meetup sites for up to date current information. 

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